Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Live Loon Cam!

A friend showed me this cool loon cam!
There's a man by the name of Larry Backlund in central Minnesota who has had loons nesting on his property for over a decade, and he has this cool way to observe them. Here's a quote from the site about the webcam.

"About The Live Loon Cam:
The LIVE Loon Cam is a live webcam on the nest of a common loon. Located in central Minnesota, USA, this nest has been the site of many incredible moments. Larry Backlund is our resident loon expert and shares what he can see from his vantage point on the edge of his property. This nest is 100% wild and 100% natural!

A loon family has taken residency of Larry's nesting platform for over a decade ever since Larry first started putting one out. New for 2010, we are now bringing you sound and night vision. We also encourage you to follow along with Larry in his regularly updated blogs. If you want to interact, you can head to our Loon Chat Room and now for the first time, you can stay connected as a fan on Facebook."

Here's a link so you can see!

The loon wasn't in it's nest when I looked, but I'll keep checking. If you know of any other "animal cams", let me know and hopefully I can post it here.

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