Sunday, December 19, 2010

Up North Rustic Creations

I'm very pleased to announce a new line of products available on my website.  Up North Rustic Creations is a line of hand decorated wooden items, created right here in That Blond Chick's workshop!  There's canoe paddles, trinket boxes, plaques, signs, letter holders, and more.  You can check out the ones I've posted so far on the website (, and there will be more posted as I complete them!  I've got tons of ideas for stuff and I'm very excited about them!  Here's a few pictures...

I'm hoping to have quite a few more designs ready over the next month or so.  I'll have plenty of items for your home, cabin, or RV.  I'd be willing to consider special requests or personalized items, too-if you'd like to inquire about this, please visit my website,, and click on the "Contact Us" tab.  Send me your request, and we can discuss the details.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It Smells Good In Here!

Don't you love it when someone walks in your house and says "It smells good in here!"
If you like incense and tarts, you're sure to like these!

Incense Cones: Cherry Vanilla, Blend 22, Vanilla, and Cinnamon

Stick Incense: Arabian Musk, Champa, Gingerbread, and Pumpkin Pie

Tarts: Banana Bread, Navel Orange, Pumpkin Pie, and Sandalwood

Air Freshner: Jasmine, Strawberry, Love, No. 8, Black Cherry, and Dreamsicle 

Cone Incense Burners

Tart Melter/Candle Warmer

Stick Incense Burners

Air Freshners
See all these and more-includng candles (Holiday Scents, and other Yummy Baked Goods Scents), gifts, and rustic decorating pieces at

Can't believe it is the middle of December already!  The year sure flew by.  All kinds of plans for the holidays and the upcoming year are being discussed on a daily basis now everywhere you go.  Happy Holidays to everyone, and a wish for many blessings in the year ahead.  Be grateful for what you have accomplished in your life.    

Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Is Rustic Lodge Style Decorating?

Lodge style, or rustic decorating, gives a feeling of being in the outdoors, brings the outdoors in, or keeps memories of a cabin by a lake, camping or hiking trip, or other pleasurable outdoor/nature experience close at hand. Common colors that are used in this type of decorating are dark browns and greens, gold, red, cream, tan, and blue. Wall hangings with either painted or unfinished frames are used. Generally, items featuring bear, moose, deer, fish, wolves, and pine trees fall into this category. You can use anything as inexpensive as a basket of pine cones to something more high-end as handcrafted log furniture. The nice thing is, it all works very well together. Experiment with different pieces and placement until you find the right combination that makes you feel good! Using scented candles, tarts, or incense will give an added dimension to your experience. Of course, a nice cracking fire in the fireplace can only add to the ambiance!

Visit for information on how to sign up
for the monthly Rustic Lodge Style Decorating Newsletter.

Sunday, November 14, 2010


Recently we started having people sign up at our craft shows in a drawing to win  product from the website.

Last week we gave away a Wood Bark Birdfeeder to Roseanne of Esko, MN.

This week's winner is Jackie of Esko, MN and she won the Get Out and Hike Stepping Stone.         

Would you like to be a winner, too? You can sign up at our booth at any craft fair we're at. Can't make it to the show? Drop us an e-mail at to subscribe to our monthly newsletter. Each person that subscribes to the newsletter is automatically entered in a monthly giveaway. The first issue of the newsletter will be out at the beginning of December.

See where our next craft show will be by visiting

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rustic Decorating

Been a while since I've blogged here.  I'm pleased to announce my web store is up and running full force!  I have a lot of neat rustic decorating pieces, candles, incense, and gifts.  I will be adding several more pieces to my online store that I'm currently displaying at craft shows.  If you like rustic decor, you should check this out! 
Check the website for my products.  There you'll also find dates and locations of the craft shows I'll be at so you can see the items "live", links to other cool stuff, the "Pets" page, a CafePress store, and many other fun and interesting things.
I'll be putting out my first e-newsletter at the beginning of December.  It will inform you of monthly specials, news, updates, and a couple of articles as well.  If you'd like to sign up for the newsletter, drop me an e-mail at and let me know you'd like to sign up!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Visit My Web Store

Hello, everyone!

For quite some time, I've been working on an online store to sell home decor (mostly rustic/lodge style), candles, incense, and gifts.  It's up and running now!  I will be continually adding products as they become available.  I will also be doing a booth at some local events (craft shows, community events, etc.) and those dates and locations will be posted on my site. 

Please stop by and check it out!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Nice Afternoon

Yesterday afternoon was very nice-it was 80 degrees and sunny, with a slight breeze.  We took advantage of that to sit by the firepit for a while with the dogs.  They just kinda made their spot in the shade and stayed there instead of running around like they usually do.  Here's a few pictures.

My "Big Doggie", Ruger

My "Little Girl", Roxie

Both dogs enjoying the shade together

Looks like it's going to be another nice day today!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Time Flies

Time flies when you're having fun, they say. It also flies when you have WAY too many things going on at once. The last few weeks have been that way for me.

I'm hoping to get out again into the woods and do some more hiking and get some great pictures very soon.

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I heard a different kind of bird making noise in my yard--it was a male phesant! We had a female one that hung around a few years back, and got her to the point where we could throw handfuls of birdseed and she would run up and eat it. Hopefully we can make the same progress with this guy. I put out some corn for him this evening when I saw him again, so will be watching for him to come and eat it. Here's a picture of him!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Walk On The Munger Trail

I had a nice walk on the Munger Trail last night.  I only walked a couple miles of it, but really enjoyed it.  Lots of great scenery--you can go off the beaten path in several spots and walk around in the woods.  Here's some photos~

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Live Loon Cam!

A friend showed me this cool loon cam!
There's a man by the name of Larry Backlund in central Minnesota who has had loons nesting on his property for over a decade, and he has this cool way to observe them. Here's a quote from the site about the webcam.

"About The Live Loon Cam:
The LIVE Loon Cam is a live webcam on the nest of a common loon. Located in central Minnesota, USA, this nest has been the site of many incredible moments. Larry Backlund is our resident loon expert and shares what he can see from his vantage point on the edge of his property. This nest is 100% wild and 100% natural!

A loon family has taken residency of Larry's nesting platform for over a decade ever since Larry first started putting one out. New for 2010, we are now bringing you sound and night vision. We also encourage you to follow along with Larry in his regularly updated blogs. If you want to interact, you can head to our Loon Chat Room and now for the first time, you can stay connected as a fan on Facebook."

Here's a link so you can see!

The loon wasn't in it's nest when I looked, but I'll keep checking. If you know of any other "animal cams", let me know and hopefully I can post it here.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Visit To The Grand Canyon

This past Labor Day weekend, we took a drive to the Grand Canyon in Arizona.

We were in awe of it from our first peek through the trees as we drove next to it going into the park. We couldn’t come close to doing all the things there are to do there in the time we had, but took advantage of many of the scenic pull-off spots and took pictures and video. A few spots had trails you could walk on to get different views of the canyon. Pictures can’t describe how fascinating this place is.

If you’ve been wanting to go to the Grand Canyon, I would highly recommend it. If you are a camper and don’t want to spend a lot of money for a campsite, Ten-X Campground, just south of Tusayan at the South Rim would be a good choice. It was $10 per night with a minimum of 2 nights. They have tent camping and pull through sites. We were tenting it so I don’t know about power hook-ups. You can get water from spigots around the campground, they have “outhouse” type toilets, and the campsites are spacious. I was worried about it being kinda “desert-y” since it was Arizona, but there were plenty of trees and grass-even a little humidity during the day. Temperatures were in the 80′s during the day, and about 55 at night.

Here’s a link if you want information about the campground.

Here's a photo album of our trip.