Saturday, November 27, 2010

What Is Rustic Lodge Style Decorating?

Lodge style, or rustic decorating, gives a feeling of being in the outdoors, brings the outdoors in, or keeps memories of a cabin by a lake, camping or hiking trip, or other pleasurable outdoor/nature experience close at hand. Common colors that are used in this type of decorating are dark browns and greens, gold, red, cream, tan, and blue. Wall hangings with either painted or unfinished frames are used. Generally, items featuring bear, moose, deer, fish, wolves, and pine trees fall into this category. You can use anything as inexpensive as a basket of pine cones to something more high-end as handcrafted log furniture. The nice thing is, it all works very well together. Experiment with different pieces and placement until you find the right combination that makes you feel good! Using scented candles, tarts, or incense will give an added dimension to your experience. Of course, a nice cracking fire in the fireplace can only add to the ambiance!

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