Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year-New Adventures!

Seems like lots of people make New Year's resolutions, and then forget them soon after.  I've been reading a few of my friends blogs and they, too, mention the "resolution" problem.

Natalie has a great philosophy, taken from a song. 
Cindy acknowledges last year was great, sets new goals, and writes down things she can do better.
Joelyn made a bucket list!

I have a goal this year, too-I want to expand my creativity and take on some cool new projects to see how I can do.  Oh, and spend more time outdoors/in the woods/at the cabin/in the boat/with my dogs when it gets warm out again.
I'm really looking forward to doing some more craft shows this year, and meeting new people/making friends at the shows.

So....what's going on this month at That Blond Chick's Rustic Lodge Style Decorating?

On Sale:
Incense and Incense Burners

Buy a minumum of 2 incense burners, OR a minumum of 2 packages of incense, OR a minumum of 1 burner and 1 package of incense, and you will receive FREE SHIPPING on those items!
The shipping shows up in your cart, but it is refunded when your payment is processed.

We still have a few candles left on sale also!

French Vanilla Coffee and American Classic Coffeehouse pillar candles-regularly $14.95, on sale for $10.95. Only 2 left of each! all remaining jar candles. 
Regularly $12.95, now only $9.95. Quantities left are between 1 and 3 of each.
Scents-Blueberry Muffin, Lemon Cookie, Chocolate Chip Cookie, Pumpkin Pie Treats, Birthday Cake, Cinnavanilla, and Apple Pie

Sign up for our newsletter and enter to win a candle/tart warmer and an 8pk of tarts for melting.

See for details, or you can e-mail here.

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Happy New Year, everyone  :)


  1. Fellow MN mom and proud to follow you!

  2. Happy 2011!!

    I am blog hopping today. I invite you to stop by either or both of my blogs and follow.

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    Have a blessed Thursday!!

  3. So glad we connected on twitter and I was able to find your blog!