Friday, April 8, 2011

More Winners

Every month That Blond Chick gives away an item by drawing a name of all people who receive my newsletter.  This month's winner is Deb from Duluth, MN.  She won the Doggy Doorstopper!

I also have people enter a drawing for an item at each craft show I do.  The winner from my last craft show was Kevin of Cloquet, MN.  He won a tart melter and an 8 pk of tarts!

If you'd like to receive my newsletter, you can visit my website, to sign up.  You'll also be able to find information about when and where my craft shows will be, and see what new projects I've been up to!

If you'd like to share a picture of your pet, I also have a "Pets" page and you can get your dog, cat, rat, or what have you on with the others.  Check it out!

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